Quest #7: Restore the Balance

In all their excitement to use potions to boost the magic, the Smurfs forgot what really needed attention, taking care of nature!

Maybe increasing magic AND helping the environment are equally important to help restore the natural balance around the Smurfs’ village. I wonder if we can find some more allies to help us with such a feat!

Quest 7.1 - Grace of the swans

There’s no more water in the local lake! The lack of rain this winter means that the creek that feeds it has all dried up. And look, there’s a pair of swans stuck in thick mud.

Luckily the Smurfs’ dam still has plenty of water. We should dig a ditch from the dam to pump and dump water into the lake. But look at all the vegetation that’s in the way!

We’ll have to chop down some of the plants to make room for the ditch. How can we keep the natural order so we don't disrupt the ecosystem too much?

7.1 Answer

By removing the plants in order, the ditch appears to look like a date... 9 15 22. It must have some significance, but what? Oh well! At least by working hard to merge the Smurfs' dam with the lake, we've proved our stake in saving the environment!

Quest 7.2 - Wisdom of the storks

Oh no! The forest is being destroyed, putting the storks’ nesting site in danger. These majestic birds have long been friends of the Smurfs, we need to help them.

All the animals are running out of the forest. But these 4 characters look like they’re trying to help us. I can’t understand what they’re saying though.

7.2 Answer

Our wise friends have the right idea: by improving SUSTAINABILITY, we can reduce the damage done to our environment and save precious habitat not only for the storks but for all animals on this planet!

Quest 7.3 - Sigh of the dragon

Goodness! That dragon looks like he’s overheating. Maybe he just needs a place to let off some steam, but the river is too dirty!

Hacker Smurf needs to find out where the pollution is coming from and stop it to help clean the river… maybe then the dragon will be able to cool down.

Follow the arrows until you find the source of the polluted river.

Answer 7.3

That PIPELINE was dumping waste right into the river! Pollution in our waterways damages fragile ecosystems and eventually reaches the oceans. It's important to keep waste out of rivers and oceans to protect our blue planet!

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