Offical Communication Channels

To best suit our diverse community, The Smurfs’ Society uses a robust network of platforms and social media to keep everyone connected. To stay up-to-Smurf on everything and get the most immersive experience, be sure to follow us on all our socials.

⚠️ All platforms and links on this page are verified, official channels of The Smurfs’ Society. Don’t be fooled by imitation accounts and sites claiming to be a part of our community.

This is where you connect to create your account and play the game, and eventually mint your very own Smurf. This is the place for:

  • onboarding

  • connecting your wallet

  • combining ingredients

  • minting access crystals (presale tickets) and Smurfs

This is what you’re reading now 👍! Here, you’ll find all the information you need to learn about The Smurfs’ Society and how to play, including the mechanics of the game and technical details about the collections.

We’ll also post updates on the story as it unfolds, so you can refer back at any time to find missing clues or catch up on the story if you’re a newcomer.

  • The Book of the Elders: The Story

  • Project Information

  • Instructions for Gameplay

  • Glossary

  • FAQ

Twitter is our #1 channel of communication and is where you’ll find the latest announcements and posts on The Smurfs’ Society story. This is where we’ll post quests with riddles for our community to solve. Be sure to follow this channel if you want to participate in quests and be the first to know what’s going on with the Smurfs!

  • Main story and primary form of communication

  • Quests and riddles (to solve for ingredients)

Discord is a Web3 platform dedicated to community building and engagement. On Discord, you’ll find different rooms known as ‘channels’ where you can chat with your fellow Smurfs. In addition to chat forums and official announcements, we’ll also post little quizzes on Smurfs lore, Web3 trivia, and environmental sustainability. Participation in Discord quizzes gives you points that can be redeemed for NFT ingredient boxes, known as loot boxes, so connect daily and play often!

⚠️ If you’re new to Discord, be sure to watch out for scammers who are taking advantage of this platform. While we’re doing everything we can to keep our community a fun and safe place to be, we suggest reading this article to learn about scams and bad actors on Discord.


Based on your activity, status, and NFT collection, you can have different roles on Discord:

  • THE SOCIETY | For team members working on the project.

  • MODERATOR | Paid moderators working for the Smurfs’ Society.

  • HELPERS | Members of the community who have a good understanding of the project and who have volunteered to help newcomers and moderate in language channels.

  • THE SQUAD | Members who help out in our Asian communities. They assist the team by organizing collabs, handling press relations, and influencing Asian social media platforms.

  • HOLDER ROLES | Members who own a Legendary Smurf from the collection. There are five levels based on how many Smurfs you own:

    • WHALE | 15+ Smurfs

    • VISIONARY | 10-14 Smurfs

    • BELIEVER| 5-9 Smurfs

    • LOYAL | 2-4 Smurfs

    • INSPIRED | 1 Smurf

  • SMURFS' ALLIANCE | Members who have access to the gamification platform and have linked their Discord to the platform. You must be a Smurfs’ Alliance member to participate in the quizzes and receive points to buy lootboxes.

  • SMURFS' BOOSTER | Members who have boosted the Discord server (💙Thank you!💙)

  • SMURFS | Members who have passed the ‘anti-bot’ verification on Discord.

  • LANGUAGES (+language name) coming soon | Members who have selected a spoken language in the #choose-language channel. For example, if you select the French flag in this channel, you’ll get access to the French channel.


Quizzes & challenges (to answer for points) In the (❓| Quiz) channel, you’ll find daily quizzes that test your knowledge about the Smurfs, Web3, environmental sustainability, and gameplay. Taking part in these quizzes gives you an opportunity to win coins that can be used to purchase “loot boxes” of goodies (ingredients, blue clay, etc.).

For each quiz, the coin distribution will be as follows: - Participation in quiz (incorrect answer): 10 coins - Participation in quiz (correct answer): 100 coins - Being one of the first 50 participants to correctly answer the quiz: 1000 - Additionally, for each quiz, 10 ingredients will be available for airdrop into winners’ wallets (wallets chosen at random).

⚠️ Note: only members with access to the platform who have connected their Discord through the multiplier (Smurfs' alliance) can participate in quizzes.

In the (🏆 | Challenges) channel, you'll find weekly challenges to test your smurfiness (and creativity!). These challenges will usually ask you to post a picture of your creation. Rewards vary for each challenge and can be individual (earn points, ingredients, etc.) or group (unveil a new recipe, etc.).

Community engagement Your overall engagement in the Discord community will also be rewarded. You will earn points when you post messages (Only 1 message will be rewarded every hour to prevent spam).

Other Socials

The Smurfs are everywhere! Check out some of our other socials for exciting ways to get involved in the community and experience the immersive world of The Smurfs’ Society.

⚠️ Remember, only trust official sites mentioned on this page!

  • Telegram

  • Phaver @ thesmurfssociety

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