Newsletter June '23

Hello, Smurf frens,

Welcome to the new version of our newsletter. It's been designed to share the latest updates from the community and its projects. We hope you smurf it!

Crystal sale: Discount decrease starts June 19th

As voted by the community, we’ve extended the duration of the crystal mint with a decrease in discounts (for non-holders). Due to a bug that prevented users from being able to mint their Smurfs from ZenGo wallets, which was fixed last week, we will begin the discount decrease on June 19. This will allow ZenGo users some extra time to mint their Smurfs at the full discount. After that, crystal discounts will decrease by 5% each week for those who do not hold a Legendary Smurf, until there are no discounts remaining (16 weeks). See the full calendar of the decreases by crystal rank on our wiki page. Remember that all crystals will expire at the end of the extended minting period, which will be Friday, October 6th.

Rewards Delivered: Hacker Smurf physical rewards have shipped!

Last week, we shipped the Hacker Smurf Hoodies and Prints by Solid NFT. Each of these items is a 1:1, with the QR code on the hoodie and print sending you straight to your Hacker Smurf on OpenSea!

We’d love to know what you think! Post a picture on Twitter or Lens of yourself wearing your hoodie or proudly displaying your Hacker Print and tag @SmurfsSociety in your post.

Holders Only: Get ready to play!

We’re opening our second community council for Legendary Holders to be able to participate in brainstorming, feedback, and decision-making. This new council will be centered around gamification, specifically on the upcoming relaunch of our crafting game, scheduled for this summer.

Come join the council to get insider info on the upcoming changes we’re planning for the game and share your feedback and ideas.

To gain access to the channel, you need to claim your holders’ role on our Discord by connecting your wallet to our app and linking your Discord in the multipliers section.

Smurf Spotlight: Detective Smurf

This week we’re launching one of the first individual rewards for a specific Smurf character. Holders of the Legendary Collection Detective Smurfs will be able to participate in a cryptic Web3 treasure hunt. The first to solve the riddles and find the hidden answer will win a prize worth $1,000.

Think you’ve got the code-cracking skills to solve this one? Then get your Detective Smurf and put your thinking cap on!

Get an access crystal here to mint and reveal your own Detective Smurf.

Or check out the Detective Smurfs already in the Legendary Collection here.

Immerse yourself in the collection details

Last month we published three articles that highlight some of the technical aspects of the collection.

The first article takes a look into the artistic mind of Cédric Hervet, our Creative Director and co-founder, while he explains the artistic approach behind the Smurfs’ Society collection.

The second is a deep dive into the traits and rarity and how we managed the procedural generation of the Smurfs’ Society PFP collection. The article also has some cool behind-the-scenes images for fans. Love geeking out over highly sophisticated code? The third article gives an in-depth technical look at the challenges of structuring a distribution for the Legendary Smurf reveal that was both fair and transparent.

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