1. Hacker Smurf Inaugural Sale

Meet the white hat hero of the Smurfs' Society Legendary PFP Collection. As a prelude to the legendary mint, 25 NFT variants of Hacker Smurf will be auctioned on March 28th.


March 28

25 PFPs

English Auction


Special Utilities

1. The story of Hacker Smurf

In a catastrophic event, the Smurfs’ souls were mysteriously extracted from their bodies and fractured into variants that were scattered across multiple dimensions. The event set off an alarm alerting our hero that one of the dimensions had been threatened.

Putting on his cross-dimensional control glove, he was able to hack into the affected universe and transport himself to the world of the Smurfs where he was transformed into our hero, Hacker Smurf.

His mission was to unite The Smurfs' Society to retrieve the stone statuettes left after the Smurfs' souls were extracted and to boost the strength of the local magic by creating potions and crystals.

With each crystal, members of the Smurfs’ Society would be able to safeguard the blueprints of a single Smurf variant. When the magic was powerful enough, they would be able to use the crystals to reunite The Smurfs' physical forms with their blueprints and finally restore them to their natural state.

2. A unique set of attributes

Cross-dimensional glove

This connective glove allows Hacker to navigate between dimensions and take on the shape of local lifeforms.

Blue-ray vision glasses

Hacker uses these glasses to communicate with the Smurfs' Society as they work together to save the Smurfs.

Degen hoodie

Forget the restrictive spandex of traditional heroes, Hacker's hoodie allows for free range of motion to fight villains and bots comfortably.

3. The Hacker Smurf sale

Coming March 28th on OpenSea.

4. 50 unique variants of our hero

Now, it's Hacker Smurf's turn to be decentralized into 50 NFT variants, each with different random traits from the various dimensions.

The first 25 variants will be available for auction on March 28th. These PFPs will remain unrevealed NFTs until the reveal date of the entire collection. Then, holders will be able to reveal their NFTs manually on our site in a seamless and exciting process.

Learn more about the mint process on our wiki.

5. Hacker Smurf perks and benefits

The Hacker Smurf NFT comes with a unique set of utilities:

  • Printed avant-premiere reveal

  • Get a limited edition Hacker Smurf hoodie (25 only)

  • Get a LENS handle

  • Enter a raffle to win a $500 reward if you hold your Hacker Smurf in a ZenGo wallet between 4/1 and 4/15

  • Each Hacker Smurf minted from the auction will receive an additional fusion NFT that they'll be able to use on their PFP later, making it even rarer.*

    *This perk is not currently available. Check our discord for the latest news on fusion-NFTs

How to claim your Hacker Smurf rewards

If you purchased a Hacker Smurf during the Hacker Smurf auction on March 28, connect on Tropee to claim your rewards:

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