Drop and Reveal Process

All you need to know about our NFT auctions, reveal, dates, prices, and practical info

The Smurfs’ Society NFT Legendary Collection is a one-of-a-kind innovative, sequential sale with several phases.

The Smurfs’ Society Legendary collection is a 6,500 NFT collection (see collection details here). 200 different Smurf characters will be made available initially (See the full list here). Each character has 50 unique variants with different traits and rarities (skin color, eye color, background, etc.). The final reveal of the PFPs will take place several weeks after the mint.

Disclaimer: This document was last updated on 4/25/23. It reflects the mint process of the Smurfs Society to the best of our knowledge. Please be aware that some dates or details might still be updated in the future. Please make sure to double-check our official communications before any purchase.

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