Phase 3 (Feb '23)

List of changed to the game for phase 3

Phase 3 marks the general onboarding of the Smurfs Society app

General onboarding means that anyone with a crypto wallet and a Twitter account (minimum 30 days old) can now connect to the app! For the most part, the game is largely the same as it was in phase 2. A couple of changes have been implemented in phase 3.

Statuettes now give all holders access to play the game

Anyone with a crypto wallet and Twitter account can now connect to the app! However, you still need a statuette to be able to play. All transactions on the app require a statuette in your wallet. There are two ways to get statuettes:

  • If you join through a partner collab, you will be dropped a statuette in your first loot box.

  • If you join through general access, you will need to get a statuette on a secondary market.

Increased raffle time:

Since the new legendary ingredients are very rare, the crystal raffles have been increased from 24 to 72 hours to allow players more time to obtain legendary ingredients. Once the number of legendary ingredients on the market increases, the 24-hour raffle system will probably be reinstated.

There are still three ways to obtain legendary ingredients:

  • Through the daily claim (odds of getting legendary ingredients are still very low*)

  • In loot boxes (odds of getting legendary ingredients are still very low*)

  • By purchasing them directly on secondary markets

❗*Remember, to increase your odds of getting rare and legendary ingredients, you'll need a higher multiplier score. The best way to increase your multiplier is by mixing recipes in the previous 48 hours. For more information, check the page on multipliers.

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