Quest #3: The Counter Offensive

That no-good Gargamel is trying to hoard all the magic! No single person should have total control over something so powerful.

We’ll need to break into Gargamel’s hovel and take back the crystals he stole from the Webs. While we’re there, keep an eye out for anything else we should “liberate” from his possession.

Quest 3.1 - Weak

It looks like Gargamel has built a walled garden around his hovel to keep people out.

What’s this? There’s a piece of paper stuck to the back of the padlock with something written in code. It couldn’t possibly be the code to open the lock… could it?

Decrypt Gargamel’s password to gain access to his hovel.

3.1 Answer

Wow, really? I thought even Gargamel would know better than to use 12345 for his password!

Quest 3.2 - Off the Webs

We made it into Gargamel’s hovel! Now let’s see if we can find anything. There appear to be cages all over the place… and they’re full of spiders! They must be from the mystical temple. I bet Gargamel captured them when he stole the crystals.

Papa Smurf used their webs to create magical connections at the temple to help restore the balance of nature. We can’t just leave them there, let’s free the spiders. Maybe they’ll be able to help us down the line.

Hold on, they look like they’re trying to communicate with us. Solve their hidden message to learn how we can start to restore the balance of nature.

3.2 Answer

Hmmm, looks like the spiders think we need to save the planet IRL.

Quest 3.3 - Gargamel's hand is 'copy-pasted'

Look over there! Gargamel’s got a whole bunch of Smurf Statuettes in his trophy case. Though, most of his trophies don’t look super rare or even that nifty if you ask me. Let’s grab the Statuettes and dump the rest.

Wait a minute, there seems to be a booby trap. The statuettes are all marked with strange lettering. I bet they’re in some kind of pattern. We should be careful to remove them one at a time so we don’t set off the booby trap.

Find the pattern on the statuettes and unscramble Gargamel’s hidden code so you can remove them without setting off the boobytrap.

3.3 Answer

Of course Gargamel wants our assets to be UNCOPYRIGHTABLE, that way he can just steal whatever he wants!

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