What Is The Smurfs' Society?

How the Smurfs are bringing community values to Web3.

The Smurfs' Society was designed to be a pioneering Web3 community that combined a trusted global brand with blockchain technology to create an immersive NFT experience. We gamified community engagement and rewarded collective intelligence in an attempt to demonstrate the tangible value of Web3 communities.

We believed NFTs were the perfect technology to build, engage, and align digital communities. Our ambitious project set out to be the first NFT collection to truly merge collective and individual interests by creating an inclusive community with exclusive rewards.

The Smurfs’ Society is the only PFP project backed by the official Smurfs brand. And what better character is there to demonstrate the power of collaboration? Leveraging this iconic and genuine brand, we have the opportunity to build the most positive, inclusive, and impactful online community ever.

Our goal was to have fun while building a beautiful collection and a community for good. For those of you who joined us on this journey, we thank you.

The new blue heroes of Web3

Ever since their creation in 1958, the Smurfs have been a symbol of community. What better heroes are there to place at the forefront of Web3 to promote collective intelligence and community ownership?

Over the generations, the Smurfs have proven their ability to adapt and evolve with our changing world. Despite being 60+ years old, the Smurfs show us that they are still just as relevant today as they have ever been. If anything, their values are more important than ever.

They are able to reinvent themselves and adapt to our society while still managing to hold onto the core principles at the heart of being Smurfs. From promoting sustainability as ambassadors for the United Nations and mobilizing their global network to take action for the environment, to supporting the need for greater gender equality with the introduction of the Smurf Girls, the Smurfs have developed a strong commitment to social responsibility.

And while Web3 is helping reinvent the Smurfs once more by propelling them into a new technological realm, it can also learn something from the Smurfs. Web3 is a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, our old traditions and new technologies, centralization and decentralization; it is a positive evolution of the Internet. But we can’t forget the principles at the core of the world wide web: access, inclusion, and community.

The Smurfs show us that we all have our place in this worldwide community. And that when we work together, we’re all gonna make it.

Together. Invincible.

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