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Learn all the essentials about The Smurfs' Society, the official Web3 project of the Smurfs.

What is The Smurfs' Society?

The Smurfs’ Society is the official Web3 project backed by the Smurfs brand. The project combines innovative NFT components, such as a fully on-chain game that gathered over 80,000 wallets, a unique PFP collection of 6,500 NFTs, prestigious collaborations, and a strong web3 community.

The basics of the Legendary Collection

The Smurfs’ Society Legendary Collection is a collection of 12,500 3D-rendered, rarified Smurf PFPs.

In total, there will be 250 different Smurf characters in this collection, with 50 unique variants of each one with over 350 different traits.

Access to the supply of NFTs is broken down into the following phases:

  1. 3,000 NFTs were minted during the bucket auction in April 2023.

  2. 5,000 Access Crystals (allow-list tickets) were won in the early access phase of the collection. These were used as tickets to the mint after the bucket auction. As of December 30, 2023, minting was closed an any unused access crystals expired.

  3. The remaining were reserved for special sales, collaborations, and rewards.


200 Smurf characters available

The collection is divided into 10 separate categories based on each Smurf’s status in the village. With 200 characters to choose from, you’re bound to find the Smurf of your dreams.

50 unique, rarified variants of each character

All 6,500 PFPs in the collection are unique. Each of the 3D-rendered characters will have up to 50 variants (depending on how many crystals were minted for each character), with differences from skins and textures to background effects and lighting, with more than 350 traits possible.

The reveal

Rarity and visual rendering for all PFPs (from auctions, sales, and crystals) were unknown until the reveal, which took place in May 2023.


All information below this line has been kept to be able to look back on the project.


How to get on the allow-List

In a first for NFT collections, The Smurfs’ Society pioneered a fully on-chain, gamified allow list experience. For 3 months, early adopters were able to connect to our app and collect ingredients and mix recipes to find hidden access crystals. These access crystals are connected to a particular Smurf character and act as a guaranteed spot on the allow-list to mint a Smurf PFP at a discounted rate.

While the gamification phase has officially ended, you can still purchase an access crystal on secondary markets like OpenSea. Owning an access crystal is the only way to guarantee your spot for the mint.

The Mint Price

The mint price is 0.173 ETH and was determined during a public “bucket auction” (see below) in April.

A bucket auction to determine the mint price

This auction was for a supply of 3000 PFP and served as the "price discovery" for the collection. It was a way to let the market determine a single price for the whole auction, known as the "clearing price."

  • If you bid below the clearing price, you lose.

  • If you bid at or above the clearing price, you win.

  • If your bid is higher than the clearing price, you'll only pay the clearing price and will be refunded the amount you bid above.

  • You will receive as many NFTs as you bid multiples of the clearing price. For example, if your bid is at or greater than 1.5 ETH and the clearing price is 0.5 ETH, you will get 3 NFTs.

  • You can increase your bid as many times as you want up until the end of the auction.

The clearing price, AKA the mint price

The clearing price is calculated by determining the highest price at which all NFTs could be sold at the same price without going past the total supply of NFTs. The clearing price set the mint price for crystal holders, minus their discounts (discounts based on rank, see below).

Check our page on the bucket auction for more details and scenarios.

Discounts connected to crystals

Each access crystal is ranked from #1-#25, with higher ranks giving bigger discounts. See below for a full breakdown of the discount distribution.

#1 = Gold (80%)

#2 & #3 = White (50% & 40%)

#4 - #6 = Pink (30%)

#7 - #10 = Purple (25%)

#11 - #15 = Blue (20%)

#16 - #25 = Clear (15%)

Check out the Drop and Reveal Processpage for the most up-to-date info about auction dates.

Still have questions? Ask the community on our Discord.

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