Phase 1 (Dec'22)

⚠️ This Phase is no longer active. Visit Phase 2 ⚠️

Limited early access (Dec '22)

Access will be given to those who have any of the following:

  • Have connected your wallet to our temporary NFT.NYC 2022 website (summer '22)

  • A LENS Protocol handle (If you purchase one on the secondary market, make sure it wasn't used previously to create a Smurfs' Society account: each Lens profile only works once.)

  • An NFT from an approved Blue Chip collection (check the FAQ to see which NFT collections are on the list)

  • A member of one of our Web3 community partners (new partners added regularly)

  • A referral code given by another player (Limited spots. Up to 3 referral codes can be earned by players)

  • A referral code (Limited spots. Earned by participating in quests and challenges and engaging with the community)

Those who fall under any of the previously mentioned categories will be given a Smurf statuette (πŸ—Ώ) and some ingredients (πŸ“¦πŸ«™πŸ₯‘) once they connect to the platform. This statuette is required to play the game and claim your daily ingredient.

❗If you do not fall under any of the previous categories, you will have to wait for the general onboarding to be able to connect to the platform.

❗If you purchase a statuette on the secondary market but do not meet any early access criteria, you won't be able to access the game.

❗To limit abuse by people who transfer blue chip NFTs from wallet to wallet to create multiple accounts, we are now regularly whitelisting wallet addresses of the selected collection's holders. Even if you own the NFT when you try to create a new account, it won't work unless you've owned the NFT for a while.

πŸ’‘ We are regularly adding new partners to the list.

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