Statuette & Ingredients

Learn more about the ingredients you can collect and use to mix potions.


This is the key you'll need to participate in the gamification. All transactions require a statuette in your connected wallet. You must have a statuette to mix recipes.

If you are joining the app with a referral code or through a partnership collab, you will automatically be dropped a statuette in your first lootbox. You might need to wait a couple of minutes for your first ingredients and statuette to show up in your wallet the first time you connect.

If you are joining the Smurf's Society through the general onboarding, you will need to get a statuette on OpenSea or Rarible to start playing!

❗If you are just purchasing crystals directly from OpenSea, you do not need a statuette. But playing the game is much more fun!

Collecting Ingredients

Once connected to the platform with a statuette (🗿), your wallet can receive the ingredients you’ll need to create potions and access crystals (💎), which are presale tickets to mint Smurf NFTs.

Ingredients can be collected in several ways:

  • claimed daily simply by connecting to the platform and clicking the "claim" button (aka your daily claim) on your profile page (Disabled in phase 4 of the game).

  • through loot boxes (🎁) redeemed with points earned by participating in quizzes on the Discord Quiz Server

  • won on Discord by being an early participant in challenges

  • purchased on marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, etc.

  • airdropped as rewards for engaged community members

Types of Ingredients

Ingredients are polygon-based NFTs that you can combine to create more complex ingredients, called potions. There are 30 possible base ingredients plus blue clay.

Common Ingredients:

0. Blue Clay

Uncommon Ingredients:

Rare Ingredients:

Legendary Ingredients:

  1. Manuscript Page

  2. Dragon Source Water

  3. Mysterious Glasses

Untouchable Ingredient:

  1. The golden nut (This ingredient is not available through gameplay)

❗Remember, the rarer the ingredient, the less likely it is to appear in your daily claim or loot box. Having a higher multiplier score will increase your chances of getting rarer items.

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