Phase 4 (Jul '23)

List of changes to the game for phase 4

Phase 4 is the relaunch of our game to win ETH prizes.

This phase of the game is reserved exclusively for Legendary Smurf Holders. Don't have a Smurf? Find yours here on our custom marketplace, built with Rarible.

Phase 4 was launched while we continue working on the next version of the game, which will be much more complex and involve a level of skill that goes beyond random mixing. In the meantime, we want to reward holders for their patience and support of the project despite the delays in V2 of the game.

In the first three phases of the game, players were trying to win tickets to mint Smurfs (known as access crystals). All of the crystals were found, so in this phase, we're giving away ETH prizes! You can win anywhere from 0.1 to 0.4 ETH each round for finding one of seven new hidden potions.

What you need to play the game

  • A Legendary Smurf. This phase of the game is reserved for Holders. You will need a Smurf to access the app.

  • A Smurf Statuette. Statuettes allow you to mix recipes in the app. Find one here (There is no difference between batch #1 and #2).

  • Ingredients. There are 30 different ingredients you can win in loot boxes or purchase on secondary markets.

  • Blue Clay. This is one of our ingredients, but unlike the others, you will need blue clay whenever you try to mix a recipe. Think of it as a token to be able to play a slot machine. Blue clay can be won in loot boxes and challenges or purchased on secondary markets.

Connecting for the first time

The first time you connect to The Smurfs' Society App, you need to connect a wallet with a Legendary Smurf and Statuette (mentioned above). You also need to connect a Twitter/X account or use a referral code. Due to all the changes going on with Twitter/X, if you can't connect, don't worry! Join our Discord and open a ticket so we can give you a referral code.

Id you want to earn points and buy loot boxes with ingredients, you need to connect your Discord account to our app. Follow the steps on the app dashboard to do this.

Daily Claim disabled for phase 4

Returning players will notice that the daily claim button to get free ingredients has been disabled. There are now two ways to get ingredients to play the game:

  • Redeem loot boxes* in the #commands channel of our Discord. Loot boxes can be "purchased" with points that you can earn for participating in challenges and being active in Discord.

  • Purchase ingredients directly on secondary markets (most items are valued well below 1 Matic).

❗*To increase your odds of getting rare and legendary ingredients, you need a higher multiplier score. For more information, check the page on multipliers.

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