Phase 2 (Jan'23)

List of the game improvements implemented on January, 12th, 2023

Access to the game

Access conditions to the game are changing:

  • Referral codes still grant you access + Statuette drop

  • Sandbox, Blvck, NFTFactory get access + Statuette drop + Ingredients

  • The first 5,000 ZenGo wallet users will get access + Statuette drop (invited by ZenGo)

  • New users who connect with a LENS handle will still get access to the game + Ingredients but will not be dropped Statuettes (you will have to purchase one on secondary markets

  • Community partners will get access through a premint raffle and will get a Statuette drop + Ingredients


A new batch (batch#2) of 30,000 statuettes is being released and will be distributed to the new players who join the game. Remember, you need a statuette to be able to play. New ingredients, potions, and recipes In addition to the common and uncommon ingredients, a new batch of 6 rare ingredients is being released. This introduces a whole new set of potions and recipes available for players to create in the game.

New crystals

Attached to these new recipes, we are releasing new crystals that will give you access to new Smurf characters (25 crystals per Smurf character).

New potion mixing limit

Players are limited to 25 failed mixes in a 24-hour period. For example, if you mix one unsuccessful recipe at 11:45 PM on Monday, you will be able to have 24 more failed attempts until 11:45 on Tuesday.

New crystal raffle system

Based on the community feedback and to reduce abuse from bots, after the first new crystal is minted, a 24-hour raffle will be implemented (Smurf Access Crystal #1 will still be earned by the first player who finds a new correct recipe). That means that ANYONE who mixes the correct recipe within the next 24 hours will be entered in the raffle to win one of the remaining 24 crystals, which will be distributed at random.

Crystal discounts

Owning a crystal guarantees your access to mint a given Smurf character. It will also give you a discount on the mint price of the Smurf. Several discount scenarios will be submitted to the community for a vote.

Gargamel’s army of fake accounts has been thwarted!

Several of Gargamel's apprentices took advantage of the game’s early design in order to cheat the system and capture as many Smurfs as possible. Accounts flagged as being multiple-wallet accounts (created to take advantage of the system, claim more ingredients and test more recipes) have been blocked. They no longer have access to the game.

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