Twitter Quests (Solved)

Become a part of the story as we solve riddles to save the Smurfs!

Our story will unfold on our official Twitter account as our hero Hacker Smurf sets off on a series of quests to figure out what has happened to his frens and how to bring them back. Each quest has three riddles to solve, with each one being another step along our adventure. Riddles vary in difficulty from a couple of minutes to several hours to solve.

How to participate in the quests

Hacker Smurf needs all the help he can get, so anyone on Twitter can participate in the quests and riddles! You do not need to have access to the app to play along.

To join in the adventure, follow our Twitter account so you don't miss any quests; we'll post a new riddle every few days. All you need to solve the riddle is the image posted in the tweet and the call to action in the final thread for each riddle.

When you think you've solved a riddle, write just the answer in the comments of the final thread of each riddle.

The first person to respond correctly will be the winner of the riddle and will receive an access crystal to mint a Smurf during the presale.

Others who participate actively in solving the riddles will be rewarded for their work with ingredients and clay (or a referral code to join the game if they don't already have access).

Once all 3 riddles for each quest have been solved, we'll announce the winners in a tweet. We will not be posting the answers to the riddles in case anyone wants to solve them on their own, but those who want to know the solution will just have to match the winner to the riddle.

Ready to test your witts and help save the Smurfs? Then come join us on Twitter!

Or, if you just want to follow the story, we'll update it here as we post each new quest. Read on for quest #1...

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