6. Fusion add-on NFT

Update July 27, 2023: Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources, the fusion add-on NFT is not currently available. We are working hard to be able to deliver the add-ons at a later date.

These NFTs will be given away as added benefits for bucket auction winners as well as used as rewards for the community. These NFTs can be combined with any NFT from the Legendary Collection to make your NFT rarer.

Bucket auction benefits

For the bucket auction, all winning bids will receive a Fusion NFT. However, to keep things interesting, there will be three different Fusion NFTs available, depending on the amount of your bid.

  • The top 15% of bidders will get a Radiant Fusion NFT

  • The next 35% of bidders will get a Platinum Fusion NFT

  • The bottom 50% of bidders will get a Gold Fusion NFT

Fusion NFT utility

All Fusion NFTs will have an added utility that will be revealed at a later date. What kind of superpower will these early holders be given? You'll just have to wait to find out...

Important information:

❗There is only 1 Fusion NFT per winning bid (not 1 Fusion NFT : 1 Smurf NFT). That means if your bid is high enough to win your multiple Smurf NFTs, you will still only get one fusion NFT.

❗If you have winning bids from multiple wallets, each wallet will receive a fusion NFT.

❗Your fusion NFT can be combined with any Legendary Smurf NFT, meaning you could win a fusion NFT from the bucket auction but combine it with a Smurf you mint from an access crystal.

❗Fusion NFTs can be traded or sold on secondary markets, making them even more versatile and valuable to holders.

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