Recipes & Potions

You can create magic potions by mixing ingredients.

Combining Ingredients

To combine ingredients and test a recipe, you will need five items:

1 blue clay (πŸ”΅) + 1 statuette (πŸ—Ώ) + 3 additional ingredients (πŸ“¦πŸ«™πŸ₯‘).

  1. Blue clay (πŸ”΅) and a statuette (πŸ—Ώ) are necessary for EVERY recipe.

  2. There is no specific order for the recipes. (πŸ“¦+πŸ«™+πŸ₯‘) = (πŸ«™+πŸ“¦+πŸ₯‘)= (πŸ₯‘+πŸ«™+πŸ“¦)

  3. The three additional ingredients MUST all be different ingredients:

❗The amount of failed recipes you can attempt is limited to 25 recipes per Smurf per 24-hour period. For example, if you have three Smurfs in your wallet and you mix an unsuccessful recipe at 11:45 PM on Monday, you can have 74 more failed attempts until 11:45 on Tuesday. There is no limit to successful recipes, however.


There are 3 possible outcomes each time you test a recipe:

    1. Success A: Your ingredients have been transformed into a new "complex ingredient" called a potion (see below). This potion can now be combined with other ingredients to create new recipes.

    2. Success B: Like in the previous case, your ingredients have been combined into a potion, but (lucky you!) you are the first person to mint this new potion! That means you are one of the winners of this round's prize pool!

Potions (Complex Ingredients)

Potions are complex ingredients you can get from combining three base ingredients with blue clay and a statuette. There are three levels of potions with hundreds of complex ingredients available in each level.

  1. 🍢Level 3 Potions are equivalent to three regular ingredients. They are created by mixing 3 base ingredients.

    πŸ“¦+πŸ«™+πŸ₯‘ = 🍢

  2. βš—οΈ Level 5 Potions are equivalent to five regular ingredients. They are created by mixing a level three potion with two base ingredients.

    🍢+ πŸ“¦+πŸ«™ = βš—οΈ

  3. πŸ§ͺLevel 7 Potions are equivalent to seven regular ingredients. They are created by mixing one level five potion with two base ingredients.

    βš—οΈ + πŸ“¦ + πŸ₯‘ = πŸ§ͺ

Loot Boxes

Loot boxes (🎁) contain one or more ingredient(s) and will be airdropped into members' crypto wallets as rewards. You can receive loot boxes for:

  • Completing a challenge on our Discord server

  • Solving trivia and answering questions on Twitter or Lens

  • Interacting with content posted to our Socials

  • Being active on multiple sites and engaging with The Smurfs' Society community

  • Loot boxes can also be purchased with points earned on our Discord server

The contents of each loot box are a mystery until opened, but the more you interact and engage with the community, the better your chances of receiving rarer ingredients are (see Social Media Multipliers below).

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