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The official archive of the Smurfs' Society's original, immersive, and decentralized on-chain adventure.

Hi, Smurf fans!

The Smurfs' Society was an innovative project that brought the Smurfs to the blockchain. Unfortunately, the ambitions of the original team were too great, and despite a promising start, they were unable to deliver the project as they had hoped.

However, the collection remains a visually stunning masterpiece that will live on long after the founding company closes. We invite fans of the Smurfs and NFTs to look through these archives of the project to enjoy the story and the adventure.

This wiki is structured into four main sections:

1. General Information

Explore our ecosystem, get to know who we are, and absorb the details of this incredible collection: Essential Info | Collection | Drop & Reveal | About Us | Media Kit

2. Story

Get lost in the details of our story and quests as they unfold. The Story of the Stone Smurfs | The Quests

3. Game

Learn about the pioneering on-chain gamification app we designed for our allow-list. Quick Guide | Access & Onboarding | Instructions

4. Resources

Find the answers to your questions on everything related to the project/technology. FAQ | Glossary | Support

Watch out for scams. Always use our official communication channels:

Website | Gaming Platform | Twitter | Discord

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