The Story of the Stone Smurfs

Everything we know about the terrible casmurfstrophe... so far!

In the unsmurfable event that the Smurfs disappear, there could only be two possible explanations: either their sarsaparilla resources have been depleted and the Smurfs have been forced to relocate, or a much more sinister event has transpired and the Smurfs have been robbed of their souls!

If it appears that there is ample sarsaparilla to support the Smurfs’ village, it means that the Smurfs are in danger. Immediate action must be taken to revive them before it is too late.

There is dark magic powerful enough to centralize the Smurfs and use their energy for evildoing. But if humans can work together, they should be able to decentralize the Smurfs' and revive them! They must act quickly, for if too much time passes it will become impossible to bring them back and their smurfiness will be lost forever!

The book you are holding in your hands contains all the information you will need to revive the Smurfs and bring them back. As you set out on your adventure, this magical ledger will be automatically updated, so that any new allies who join you on the journey will be able to follow along.

We hope that no soul will ever have to smurf these pages, but we leave them here as a last resort…

Smurfs' speed my friend! The Smurfs are depending on you!

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