Quest #1: The Aftermath

What in Smurfs’ name is going on!? The Smurfs have been turned to stone and their souls have somehow been centralized! It looks like Gargamel is at it again, but this time something feels different.

Thankfully, all hope is not lost. A new hero, Hacker Smurf, has arrived mysteriously and is here to make sure we’re all gonna make it.

To succeed, Hacker Smurf must lead a community known as The Smurfs’ Society through a series of quests and challenges to decentralize magical potions and save the Smurfs from Gargamel.

Are you already a member of The Smurfs’ Society? We’ll need all the help we can get. The Smurfs are counting on us!

Quest 1.1 - The Bag Holder

That’s odd. Where did all the stone Smurfs go? Gargamel must have stolen them! He’s probably trying to collect every last one so he can get rid of the Smurfs, once and for all.

But wait, while Gargamel was holding the bag, it appears some of the Smurf statuettes have dropped from his grasp!

Don’t just follow Gargamel, DYOR to locate the fallen statuettes and find a place to put them for safekeeping until we figure out how to save the Smurfs.

1.1 Answer

That wasn’t so hard! But we’ve got to get our heads out of the CLOUDs if we’re going to solve the rest of these quests!

Quest 1.2 - Lab Pests

It looks like statuettes weren’t the only thing falling from Gargamel’s bag. He’s dropped a piece of paper too.

Hold on, there’s something eating the paper. Yuck! It’s covered in larvae! Let’s head back to Papa’s lab to see if we can find something to control those pests.

Papa’s lab is a mess! Put the potions in the correct order to find a serum that will stop the larvae from eating the paper!

1.2 Answer

Phew! That was close. Thank goodness we were able to use that YUGA serum to take over the larvae.

Quest 1.3 - Missing Ingredient

That piece of paper we recovered contains a recipe to make a powerful potion! Maybe it can help us bring back the Smurfs once there’s enough magic. Let’s see if we can recreate the recipe.

Hmm… Papa Smurf encrypted the last ingredient on the list. Can you figure out what it is?

1.3 Answer

MINT? That doesn’t seem like a rare ingredient. Oh well, maybe it will come in handy later.

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