LENS Quest - Part 2

Excellent sleuthing, seekers!

You found the response to the second part of this challenge: “TAKE CARE OF THE SECRET SOCIETY”.

The method to find this response is outlined here:

On the site, the phrase “Hairy Guy knows the way to the two of us” tells you to find the account for Hairy Guy on Lenster: https://lenster.xyz/u/hairyguy_wea.

On this account, you had to go pretty deep into each post to find the answers.

1) We see from the posts that “This account is upside-down” and that the answers can be found at the beginning and at the end.

The beginning corresponds to the first post which sends readers to the second post, where we find a series of audio clips, entitled: #2 #5 #5## #8 #12 ##20 #21. These clips correspond to different sections (out of order) of the trailer launching the Smurfs’ Society Logo: https://twitter.com/SmurfsMovie/status/1597520259317370880 .

By putting the clips in order to recreate the complete audio for the trailer, we get “20-8-5-2-12-21-5." Using the same logic that we did for “NowIKnow_spy” from the first part, where each number corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, we get “The Blue.” But this clue is incomplete. Opening the comments of #5##, we find “_hese.” By combining these two elements together, we get the full account handle “TheBlue_hese” on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBlue_hese.

At the end of Hairy Guy’s account, is a final post where we can find “W_ _ _A-T.._C-_H" which hides the word “OUT” in morse. Combining the two, we get “WATCH OUT.”

Going deeper, we find a series of comments where it alternates between letters and morse code. Going from top to bottom, the important thing was to focus on the morse code, giving us: “2-3-1-2-0-5-1-8." When we apply the same method as before, we get: “23-1-20-5-18” = “Water.” Then, in the last comment, we find “_ _...-_ _ _ _.-._ _ _ _-_ _ _..-._ _ _ _-.._ _ _” which gives us “7-9-1-8-1-2" for “7-9-18-12" = “Girl.” Again, in the comments of this post we find “_tsoc” giving us the complete account name “WaterGirl_tsoc” on Instagram:


2) Beginning with Water Girl, her description says “Let’s highlight the truth” hinting at her highlighted stories. Looking at them all in order, we get the following results:

  • “My first is the number of Wonder in the World.”, leading us to the number of wonders in the world: 7.

  • “My second is myself.” corresponds to the number 2 because it’s the second element we’re looking for.

  • “My third multiplies itself by the last answer given.”, which gives us 6 because 3x2=6.

  • “My fourth is the second answer multiplied by itself.”, which gives us 2, because 2x2=4.

  • “My fifth is the 0rigin.”, giving us 0 because the O in the word “Origin” is replaced with the number 0.

  • “And my last is the first answer minus the fourth.”, which gives us 3 because 7-4=3.

Put them all together and we get: “7-2-6-4-0-3".

On the account, we find a series of images with text written in hieroglyphs. Looking at the pictures as a sort of “Number Pad”, we need to focus on the images corresponding to the previously obtained numbers.

Translating the text on the selected images we get a series of words that correspond to the words present on TheBlue’s Twitter account.

3) Using the alphabet from TheBlue’s account, we translate the words into emojis. From each emoji, we take just the first letter of the object represented by the emoji.

(For example: “Afraid = 🕷" so we take the first letter, S from spider).

Once all the words have been translated and the images put back in order based on the numbers from the instagram stories, we get the phrase: TAKE CARE OF THE SECRET SOCIETY.

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