Legendary Utilities

The Smurfs’ Society Legendary Collection utilities

UPDATE: As of November 2023, all undelivered utilities have been put on hold unless otherwise stated. Unfortunately, due to market conditions and other factors, we will not be able to deliver everything we hoped to.

Owning a Smurfs’ Society Legendary NFT provides its owner with exclusive perks and benefits (called utilities).

Attend VIP events, access private sales, get unique rewards from our partners, participate in members-only games and challenges, and so much more!

Some utilities are collective (available for all NFT holders within the collection, such as access to a platform or a drop), and others are individual (linked to one particular Smurf, for instance, VIP access to games and players for the owners of Rugby Smurf). We are continuously working on adding new utilities, with the ultimate goal of offering one exclusive utility per Smurf character for Smurfs holders.

Who is eligible for utilities?

When we announce a new utility, a qualifying date will be communicated. All the corresponding NFT owners will qualify for the perk at the given date.

List of utilities

We’re planning on regularly announcing new utilities to the collection. So far, here are a few utilities that have been announced:

Utilities tied to the entire collection:

Collective UtilitiesDescriptionStatusLink

TSS Game

Exclusive holders access to the game to win ETH

Launched Aug 2023 (4 rounds played)

Web3 treasure hunt

Access to major Web3 treasure hunt to win large prize(s)

Fall 2023

P00LS token giveaway

A giveaway of token in partnership with P00LS


Habbo NFT giveaway

A giveaway of NFTs in partnership with Habbo



1022 Exclusive Smurf equipment cards available for holders


TSS trading cards

One pack of collectible cards for holders

on hold until further notice

Phaver points

Phaver points and cred for each Smurf


The Sandbox avatars

A sandbox avatar in the likeness of your Legendary Smurf

Cancelled Dec. '23

and much more...

Utilities tied to particular Smurf characters:

Individual UtilitiesDescriptionStatusLink

Hacker Smurf

Lens handle Limited Edition 1:1 hoodie Solid print of Hacker NFT Zengo raffle


Detective Smurf

An exclusive quest to win a prize worth $1000


Lone Smurf by Philippe Druillet

Take a quiz on Philippe Druillet's career to win a physical statuette created by the artist


Mystery Smurf

Collect 5 mystery Smurfs and burn them to be able to design your very own limited edition Smurf.

First Smurf delivered Nov' 23

new Smurfs on hold

Magician Smurf

An exclusive interaction with a famous IRL magician

on hold

Basketball Smurf

An exclusive interaction with NBA all-star Carmelo Anthony

on hold

Soccer Smurf

Soccer-related perks in partnership with Sorare: VIP tickets and jerseys

on hold

Rugby Smurf

VIP access to a rugby match with player access

on hold

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