Chapter 1: The Stone Smurfs

Read here to see the story magically unfold as we work together to save the Smurfs...

It's a casmurfstrophe! All of the Smurfs have been turned to stone!

A distress signal was transmitted throughout the universe, in the hopes that someone was listening…

Luckily, someone was. Out of the ether, an unlikely hero emerged. Measuring just three apples high, but with some technological tricks up his sleeve, Hacker Smurf has come to solve the riddle of the Stone Smurfs... and hopefully, to bring them back!

The backstory

Once Hacker Smurf was magically transported to the Smurfs' world, he began looking for clues. With the help of The Smurfs' Society, he decrypted some surveillance footage of the Smurfs' Village in the events leading up to the moment that the Smurfs' were turned to stone:

When disaster struck the balance of nature...

Only the ancient magic could help.

But centralizing magic was risky

And led to an even greater casmurfstrophe.

A Note Found in Papa Smurf's Library

Hey! There’s a note in the back of that book we found in Papa's library, it must be from Papa Smurf! Quick, what does it say?

The Great Book of Spells tells all

After stealing the Great Book of Spells from Gargamel, we were able to hack into it to ask it what happened the night of the casmurfstrophe:

O Great Book Of Spells

Upon whose pages dwell

Secrets that no one tells...

Awake for The Smurfs’ Society!

“What is it this time!? Oh! You’re not the same old whining wizard I’m used to! What is it that you wish to do?”

“... you want me to tell you what happened the night of the blue mist? That’s it? Very well, if you insist…

"One day, while trying to find the Smurfs’ home,

Gargamel stumbled upon a temple of stone.

Realizing that he’d found something incredibly rare,

He took the potions and crystals found there.

During the next full moon, he awoke me and cheered:

“The day I’ve dreamed of is finally here!”

He demanded I assist him in accomplishing his goals

And give him a spell to extract the Smurfs’ souls!

I must always oblige the words of my master,

But as usual, his incompetence led to disaster.

I gave him a recipe using the items he’d snatched,

Though he failed to notice some of the Webs were attached.

When he mixed all the items to make his vile potion,

A catastrophic event was set into motion.

The webs and the crystals started a reaction

That messed up the spell and reversed the extraction.

Instead of stealing the souls for Gargamel to capture,

The spell ripped through the universe and caused it to fracture.

Unknown dimensions began to collide.

Spacetime was crossed and flipped on its side.

The magic from the Webs wove a connection

And the crystals sent Smurf souls in every direction.

They were scattered and shattered into countless variations,

Leaving lifeless stone statues in need of salvation.

Now, if there’s nothing else you require of me,

Kindly close my cover and just let me be!"

The origins of Hacker Smurf

Smurftastic! By improving the Webs, we were able to connect to the network of dimensions where the Smurfs' souls have all been scattered!

With access to this immutable network that transcends space and time, we can find an account of the moment Hacker Smurf's cross-dimensional adventure was set in motion:

In a catastrophic event, the Smurfs’ souls were mysteriously extracted from their bodies and fractured into variants that were scattered across multiple dimensions. Luckily, the event sparked a ripple effect that set off an alarm at our hero’s multiverse control center. Recognizing that one of the dimensions had been threatened by a mass centralization event, he jumped into action.

Putting on his cross-dimensional control glove, our hero was able to hack into the affected universe and transport himself to the world of the Smurfs where he took on the appearance of the local lifeforms, giving us our hero, Hacker Smurf.

His mission was to unite The Smurfs' Society, a group of Smurf allies from other dimensions, to retrieve the stone statuettes left after the Smurfs' souls were extracted and boost the strength of the local magic by creating potions and crystals.

With each crystal created, members of the Smurfs’ Society would be able to safeguard the blueprints of a single Smurf variant. When the magic was powerful enough, they would finally be able to cast the resmurf spell, using the crystals to reunite their physical forms with their blueprints and finally restore them to their natural state.

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