Quest #6: Repair the Webs

Using the Webs to connect everything was a good idea, but they were too easy to manipulate without any protection. I wonder if we can work together to create a better network.

Hacker Smurf is an expert at detecting weaknesses and making them resistant to attack. Let’s help him rebuild the Webs and make them more evenly distributed and transparent so no one person will be able to control them again!

Quest 6.1 - Strength in numbers

We’ll need to enlist the help of more spiders! The more spiders we have working on the Webs at all times, the less likely people will be able to manipulate them!

Every spider, from small to big, will play a role in decentralizing the Webs! Can you sort them out so they can start working on a better version of the Webs?

6.1 Answer

Yes! Having thousands of NODES connected to the Webs at all times will ensure they remain decentralized.

Quest 6.2 - An immutable structure

Now, we need to reinforce the structure of the Webs. It was way too easy for Gargamel to break into the temple and tear everything down.

To ensure no one can destroy them again, help Hacker Smurf find the ideal structure to strengthen the Webs.

6.2 Answer

By using POLYGONS, the spiders are sure to make the Webs stronger this time!

Quest 6.3 - Smurf the Web

Last but not least, to add a final layer of security, Hacker Smurf will cast a protective spell to put the webs where they’ll be safe from corruption.

Looks like the spiders have left us a clue this time: “WAGSI” what do you think it could mean?

Figure out what the phrase means and put it on the web.

6.3 Answer

That's it! Now that we've SMURFed IT INTO THE ETHERS, no one will be able to alter the magic in the Webs again!

Thanks to the Webs, we're able to connect to the network of dimensions where the Smurfs' souls have all been scattered!

With access to this immutable network that transcends space and time, we can find an account of the moment Hacker Smurf's cross-dimensional adventure was set in motion!

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