3. The Crystal Sale

Access Crystals are tickets to mint a particular Smurf from the Smurfs’ Society Legendary collection at a discount during the crystal minting phase.

Disclaimer: This document was last updated on 6/13/23. It reflects the mint process of the Smurfs Society to the best of our knowledge. Please be aware that some dates or details might still be updated in the future. Please make sure to double-check our official communications before any purchase.

The concept of access crystals

One of the things that set The Smurfs’ Society apart from other PFP collections is its pre-mint gamification phase, which saw over 80,000 wallets collect millions of ingredients to mix potions and find access crystals.

For each of the initial 200 unique Smurf characters, 25 crystals were made available through gamification. Each crystal is a ticket to the Allow List, guaranteeing the purchase of a specific Smurf character at a discounted price (Mint price of 0.173 ETH was determined based on the clearing price of the bucket auction).

The higher the rank of the access crystal, the higher the discount: 80% discount for crystal #1, 15% discount for crystal #25, with an overall average of 23% discount for each crystal (see below for a full list of discounts).

This sale started shortly after the bucket auction and will last several months. It is reserved for access crystal owners who have either earned their crystals through gamification or purchased them on OpenSea.

Original discounts connected to crystals

Access crystals are ranked from #1-#25, with higher ranks given bigger discounts. The table below shows the full breakdown of the discount distribution for the initial minting phase. ⚠️ (see below for updated Discounts terms after June '23)

Access Crystal NumberDiscountMint price

#1 (gold crystal)


0.03462 ETH

#2 (White crystal)


0.08655 ETH

#3 (White Crystal)


0.10376 ETH

#4 > #6 (Pink Crystals)


0.12117 ETH

#7 > #10 (Purple Crystals)


0.129825 ETH

#11 > #15 (Blue Crystals)


0.13848 ETH

#16 > #25 (Clear Crystals)


0.147135 ETH

Crystal discount decrease

In May '23, the community voted to change the terms of the Crystal Discounts. As a result, we’ve extended the duration of the crystal mint with a decrease in discounts (for non-holders).

Starting June 19, 2023, crystal discounts will decrease by 5% each week for those who do not hold a Legendary Smurf until no discounts remain (16 weeks).

Remember that all crystals will expire at the end of the extended minting period, which will be the first week of October.

Here's the calendar of the decreases by crystal rank:

Details of the Crystal Minting Process

During the crystal minting process, we turn a complex on-chain conversion (redeeming a Polygon token for an Ethereum token) into a seamless experience without users switching networks from their wallets. The process is outlined below:

  1. The user connects to the mint page on the Ethereum network

  2. The user chooses the crystal(s) they want to mint from their wallet

  3. User signs authorization for The Smurfs’ Society to burn the token(s) (aka crystal(s)) on their behalf.

  4. The Smurfs’ Society completes the transaction, burning the token(s) on the Polygon network and absorbing the transaction fee while the user stays on the Ethereum network.

  5. Once the token(s) are burned, The Smurfs’ Society signs an authorization giving users the proof that they can mint the Legendary token(s) (Legendary Smurf NFTs) on the Ethereum network.

  6. The user mints the Legendary Ethereum tokens and pays the transaction fee.

  7. The user receives the unrevealed Legendary Smurf NFT directly in their wallet (more information about the reveal can be found here).

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