LENS Quest - Part 1

Congratulations seekers, So far, you've found https://secret-society.xyz/ and successfully discovered 3 social media accounts to continue your quest! The three messages were indeed a Lenster account "isucceed_spy", a Twitter account “NowIKnow_spy”, and an Instagram account “youllneverfindme_spy”. The method to find those: search through the source code and match the colors to their respective social media. The next answer on your journey can be found on those accounts... Good luck with the rest of your quest, seekers!

-------------------------------------------------------------- PART 1.2

Next, you’ve found the first three answers:

  • “five” on the Lenster account “isucceed_spy,”

  • “twet” on the Twitter account “NowIKnow_spy,” and

  • “hide” on the Instagram account “youllneverfindme_spy.”

The method to find those:

1) On the "isucceed_spy" Lenster account you have to read different posts which indicate the answer is found in the comments of the fifth post. In the comments, you find lines of morse code, which when translated and put in order, say: “HELLO SEEKER THE ANSWER IS FIVE”. So “FIVE” is what you have to enter in the first slot (corresponding to Lenster).

On the “NowIKnow_spy” twitter account, there is a comment to the first tweet with a code: 12-15-15-11_5-9-7-8-20-8_20-23-5-5-20. You can translate it by replacing each number with the letters of the alphabet, like this: a=1, b=2, and so on. Once completed, you get “Look eighth tweet”.

On the eighth tweet, there is a similar code: 6-9-6-20-8_20-23-5-5-20 which leads you to the “fifth tweet.” The fifth tweet has a comment with another code: 20-8-5_1-14-19-23-5-18_9-19_20-23-5-5-20_"3". When deciphered it says “the answer is tweet “3”.” When you go to the thirst tweet, you find the word “Twet”. Enter this answer in the second slot on the website (corresponding to Twitter).

On the “youllneverfindme_spy” instagram account, you need to translate the description written in binary:

01000100. : 01011001 01000101 01010011 / 01001110 ?

01000011. : 01011001 01000101 01010011 / 01001110 ?

D. : YES/NO ?

C. : YES/NO ?

This is a clue explaining what needs to be done and that you need find a binary word. First, you have to reorganize the images in the correct order by number to get a 4 by 4 grid. The key is to check if each image has a description (D. : YES/NO) and/or comment(s) under the image (C. : YES/NO).

Each image gives you two bits in binary:

0 0 if there is no comment and description,

0 1 if there is only a comment,

1 0 if there is a description and no comment,

1 1 if there is both.

Put the answer in the 4 by 4 grid and you get 4 letters (each given by their binary code). 01001000 for H, 01001001 for I, 01000100 for D, 01000101 for E. This gives you “HIDE”. Enter this answer in the third slot on the website (corresponding to Instagram).

Excellent job, you’ve made a lot of progress but there is still a lot to discover!

Good luck on the rest of your quest, seekers!


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