LENS Quest - Part 3

Wow! You’re on fire guys!

You found the response to the third part of this challenge: “You must stop it you are the only one”.

The method for solving part 3 is as follows:

On the site, you see that there are three more characters to find. This page is signed: “we_are_the_secret_society”. You’ll notice the connection between parts of the phrase and the words found at the end of the three previously identified accounts: “_wea”, “_hese” and “_tsoc”.

Looking at the source code again, we see hints to find the final accounts and to link them to this phrase.

  • “THE + “One is like you, Seeker, from the same species” corresponds to “The Human” and we add “_ret” to find the account on Lenster: https://lenster.xyz/u/thehuman_ret

  • “One of them has plumage, like a bird.” + GUY” corresponds to “Feather Guy” and we add “_cre” to find the account on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FeatherGuy_cre

1) For this enigma, we start on “TheArtist” account. There, we find three images that hide a secret.

  • For the right one, we need to play with the color layers RGB to be able to see the words “##Great” - “%%Profile” - “%%Picture”.

  • For the middle image, we need to increase the brightness to be able to see the words “You” - “Must” - “Only”.

  • For the left image, we need to tweek the layers to be able to see the words “!Watch” - “?The” - “/Audio”.

By uncovering these words in the three images, we notice that they give the incoherent components of a phrase that we will complete.

From these words, we get that we need to find a profile picture and some audio.

2) On “TheHuman” account, we find many images. In the description of the account, there’s a series of numbers ordered by size: “2-4-11-18-22-31-37" that correspond to the posts on the account. We count the posts and open the comments for each one corresponding to the numbers to find a letter. From this, we get the letters to spell the word “MYSTICAL”.

“MYSTICAL” corresponds to one of the profile styles on the account. Select the image and click on ‘open original’. Next, to be able to find the words in an image, open the image using a simple text reader (like Bloc Note). Here, you can see the source code of the image.

In this text, we need to search for the symbols that go with the words corresponding to the profile picture found at the beginning of part 1: “##Great” - “%%Profile” - “%%Picture” thus “##”, “%%” and “$$”.

Searching through the text for these symbols, we find “##must##”, “%%you%%” and “$$the$$”.

If we replace the original words with symbols with these new words, we get: “You must __ you __ the only __” (The “_” being the words that are still missing.).

3) Next, we take a look at the “FeatherGuy” account, which only contains a single post with a video. In the video, we see nothing, only a fixed image with music playing. Following the hint “!Watch” - “?The” - “/Audio”, we need to download the video and open it with audio software (like Audacity or Adobe Audition). Once in the software, we need to use the “spectrogram” view to realize that the audio contains visual holes in the waveform. Once again, we find our symbols (“!”, “?” and “/”) with new words: “?the” - “!it” - “/one”.

When we replace the old words from the beginning of part one with the new words, we get the final phrase: “You must stop it you are the only one”.

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