ZenGo Wallet

The Smurfs' Society’s Preferred Wallet

ZenGo Works to Keep Your Assets Safe

Whether you’re dodging an attack from Gargamel or a hacker of the malicious kind, it’s important to stay safe! That’s why we have partnered with ZenGo wallet as our official launch partner.

ZenGo uses MPC (multi-party computation) technology to remove seed phrase vulnerability, making it extremely difficult for hackers to get access to your wallet! In fact, since starting in 2018, no ZenGo wallet has EVER been hacked!

We also like that ZenGo has a really simple account creation and recovery process. So you can connect to the Smurfs’ Society, without worrying about Web3 and crypto wallets. Go ahead and download it here!

If you want to learn more about ZenGo’s security measures, check out this page.

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