The Different NFT Collections

For this first chapter (we’re just getting started!), The Smurfs’ Society has five NFT collections. The first two consist of the different elements you will need to create a ticket to mint your Smurf NFT during the presale. The third collection is the presale ticket. The last two collections are for the actual Smurf NFTs.

Gamification Elements

There are two main elements in the gamification collections. You'll need to combine these different NFTs to create access crystals (💎), which will be your ticket to the presale.

  • Statuette (🗿) ERC1155 | Polygon

    This is the key you'll need to access the platform and participate in the gamification. You must have a statuette to mix recipes.

  • Ingredients (📦🫙🥡) & Potions (🍶⚗️🧪) ERC1155 | Polygon

    These are the other essential elements you’ll need to mix recipes. There are 31 base ingredients in total, including blue clay (🔵), which you will need to use every time you mix a recipe. Successful recipes will result in more complex ingredients, called potions. There are over 900 possible potions available. Potions and ingredients can be mixed together to create access crystals for rarer Smurfs.

Access Crystals (Presale Tickets)

Access crystals can no longer be won in the game. All existing access crystals will EXPIRE OCTOBER 2023.

  • Access Crystals (💎) ERC721 | Polygon In phases 1-3 of the crafting game, some recipes contained the rare NFT needed to mint a Smurf. For these recipes, instead of just receiving a potion, players received a potion and were entered into a raffle to win an access crystal. These access crystals were like presale tickets to mint your Smurf at a discounted price.

The Alliance Collection

The Alliance collection is currently on hold until further notice.

  • ERC721 | Ethereum. This is a large collection of PFPs. These NFTs are designed to open the community to more members. NFTs in this collection will still be unique, with various backgrounds, traits, and guilds. Hold onto your statuette after the game ends; we'll announce more about the Alliance collection after the Legendary drop.

The Legendary Collection

  • ERC721 | Ethereum. This is an exclusive collection of 10,000 PFPs based on the iconic Smurfs characters and reinvented by some of the most influential visual artists of our time. Each NFT in this collection is a unique, rarified, utility-enabled PFP that grants its holder access to exclusive perks and benefits. 25 of the first 200 Smurf characters in the Legendary Collection can be minted during the presale with access crystals (5,000 total) earned throughout the game. After that, the remaining Smurfs will be available for purchase during the main auction, to be held once the game is finished.

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