Access Crystals (Allow-List Tickets)

Access crystals can no longer be won in the game. All Access Crystals will expire in October 2023.

Access crystals are created when the right ingredients and potions are combined. These powerful crystals have mysterious magical properties. In The Smurfs’ Society - Act I, the crystals are used to reunite the Smurfs’ souls with their stone statuettes and restore them to their natural state. These NFTs are like an allow-list or guaranteed tickets to mint your Smurf. If you own an access crystal (💎), you can hold on to it to mint your unique Smurf NFT for a fixed price (TBA), or sell it on a secondary market like OpenSea.

Access crystals = allow-list/guaranteed tickets for the mint

For each Smurf character in the collection:

  • there are 50 different NFT variants available.

  • 25 access crystals can be earned through the gamification phase by mixing ingredients and potions. These tickets guarantee holders a spot to buy an NFT of their corresponding Smurf character on mint day.

  • the remaining 25 variants will only be available through an auction on the mint day.

Access crystals = discounts on the mint price

In addition to guaranteeing a spot on the allow-list, the 25 access crystals available through gamification provide a discount on the mint price of the Smurfs' NFTs. For each Smurf character, access crystal #1 (the first one found) will have the highest discount and #25 (the last one found) the lowest. Check below for the full discount breakdown.

Access Crystal Discount Breakdown

  • #1 = Gold (80%)

  • #2 & #3 = White (50% & 40%)

  • #4 - #6 = Pink (30%)

  • #7 - #10 = Purple (25%)

  • #11 - #15 = Blue (20%)

  • #16 - #25 = Clear (15%)

Access crystal raffle

Based on the community feedback and to reduce abuse from bots, after the first new crystal is minted, a 72-hour raffle will be implemented (Smurf Access Crystal #1 will still be earned by the first player who finds a new correct recipe). That means that ANYONE who mixes the correct recipe within the next 72 hours will be entered in the raffle to win one of the remaining 24 crystals, which will be distributed at random.

Minting the same potion multiple times from the same wallet does not increase your chances of getting winning a crystal during the 72-hour raffle.

In the event that fewer than 24 crystal recipes are minted during the 72-hour raffle, all participants will get a randomly numbered crystal (assuming they have minted fewer than 3 crystals in their wallet, see below). Any "leftover" crystals remaining after the raffle will be distributed at another time (auction, reward, etc.).

For example, if only 10 crystal recipes are mixed during the 72-hour raffle period, all 10 participants will win an access crystal ranging from #2-#11.

Some important details...

There are only 50 NFT versions of each Smurf, and only 25 of those will be made available through gamification. Once all 25 access crystals of a single character have been minted in the game, the recipe for that particular Smurf will not grant you an access crystal, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Only one access crystal per wallet for each Smurf character can be earned through gamification. While mixing two identical recipes leads to two identical potions, you would only get one access crystal (e.g., you cannot have two Papa Smurf tickets in your wallet). (Note that there are no limits on the number of access crystals you can buy on the secondary market).

A maximum of 6 access crystals can be minted from any one wallet. Even if you sell or transfer a crystal out of that wallet, it still will not be able to mint any more than 6. This ensures that our community remains diverse and inclusive and guarantees a more balanced representation within the community. If you participate in a raffle but have already minted 6 crystals from your wallet, you will not be able to win a crystal from the raffle. (Note that there are no limits on the number of access crystals you can buy on the secondary market).

To keep things interesting, even after you have minted your Smurf, you will not see its final visual rendering nor its rarity level (for The Legendary Collection) until all Smurf NFTs are revealed after the mint day.

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