Quest #4: A Narrow Escape

We can’t seem to find any of the crystals in Gargamel’s hovel. Maybe he already used them?

However, while snooping around in his basement, we did find his Great Book of Spells and freed some more stone Smurfs. Now let’s get out of here! This place gives me the creeps.

With Gargamel and Azrael hot on our heels, we’ll have to be quick if we want to avoid getting captured…

Quest 4.1 - Hodl the door!

Hurry, it sounds like someone’s coming! There’s a back door out of the basement, let’s see where it takes us…

Gargamel’s basement leads to a labyrinth! There are a lot of doors and corridors; we don’t want to take the wrong fork!

We’ll have to check all the doors to find the open ones… and hopefully a way out!

4.1 Answer

Quick! Let's use this PUBLIC KEY we found to unlock the doors and get out of here!

Quest 4.2 - Before knightfall

Oh no, Azrael has caught our scent! If he catches Hacker Smurf, we’re going to be rekt!

This cat has quite a temper. Maybe he just needs to cool down.

Find something to distract him with so we can escape before knightfall!

4.2 Answer

Purrrrfect! Azrael is lapping up that MILK giving us time to escape.

Quest 4.3 - A major blow

Phew! We made it out with the Great Book of Spells! But Gargamel is sure to come after us once he notices his book is missing.

We better make sure he can’t catch up to us. Let’s blow up the bridge to his hovel to buy us some time.

Combine the explosive ingredients to create something strong enough to destroy Gargamel’s bridge.

4.3 Answers

A 51% ATTACK will be just strong enough to take down Gargamel's bridge.

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