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The official knowledge database of the Smurfs' Society's original, immersive, and decentralized on-chain adventure.
Hi Smurf friends! This wiki is structured into four main sections:

1. General Information

Explore our ecosystem, get to know who we are, and absorb the details of this incredible collection: Essential Info | Collection | Drop & Reveal | About Us | Media Kit

2. Story

Get lost in the details of our story and quests as they unfold. The Story of the Stone Smurfs | The Quests

3. Game

Learn about the pioneering on-chain gamification app we designed for our allow-list. Quick Guide | Access & Onboarding | Instructions

4. Resources

Find the answers to your questions on everything related to the project/technology. FAQ | Glossary | Support
Watch out for scams. Always use our official communication channels:
Our hero Hacker Smurf